Privacy Policy

In times like these, almost everybody needs a Privacy Policy, especially if you run a website, make a podcast, talk to people and invite feedback via Comments or Subscription emails.

Do you know what you need to cover?

Here is a quick run down to get you started.

Your Privacy

Notice – if you are collecting data even if it is just email addresses then you need to advice what you intend to do with that data.

Choice – you must respect the choices of your users, make sure you are ready to cope with Unsubscribe requests or data storage requests with some FAQs.

Access – users must be able to gain access to you and get a response. If you use a Gmail address and that goes into a SPAM box that you never check, then users could get cranky and things could get ugly, be prepared and accessible.

Who needs a Privacy Policy?

Any entity, company or individual that collects or uses personal information from a user, will need a Privacy Policy. That’s why we kindly drafted this page for you.

The Basics

In the EU, the GDPR requires companies dealing with EU citizens to have a Privacy Policy.

In the US, privacy legislation may vary from one state to another. Look into it carefully and protect yourself appropriately.